Husky HydroVac

Hydro excavation is a non-invasive means of exposing underground infrastructure by using vacuum and water to excavate. Hydro Excavators can be used to work safely beside conventional mechanical excavators ensuring their safe digging or Hydro Excavators can perform all of your excavation needs.

Husky HydroVac, LLC offers customers the most productive hydro excavation equipment produced today in the United States. Husky works within the Petroleum and Utility industries along with other market sectors to provide a safe means to expose, maintain and install underground pipelines, electrical lines, valves, risers, manifolds, tie-ins and other sensitive structures. Husky also works with the  Nuclear, Manufacturing, Railroad and Landscaping industries to bring a recognized safe application for excavating. Call Husky HydroVac, LLC today for all your excavation needs.


Husky HydroVac, LLC

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